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All you need to know about Reiki Music

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I recall the first time I received Reiki. It was actually in my place, but as the practitioner turned on the music on her cell phone, I was transported elsewhere.

Music has this power to seduce the mind while evoking either relaxation or excitement.

Have you ever watched a movie without music – just with the “regular” sounds? Search your favorite film on Youtube with the query “without music,” and you’ll have tons of fun.

But I digress. Back to Reiki Music. Because other people are always requesting meditation music or music for Reiki sessions, I decided to make this post.

Expert Round Up about Reiki Music

As you’re always getting my perspective throughout this site and blog (for instance, I already posted about sound healing), this time, I decided to make something different: I invited other Reiki Masters to chime in on the subject.

I asked them 2 questions:

  1. What is the best Reiki Music, and why?
  2. What should we avoid when using Reiki Music.

And below you’ll see their answers.

Bernadette Doran Reiki MAster Reiki Music

Bernadette Doran: "It's important to play only instrumental music"

Bernadette Doran is a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with more than 25 years of experience, Chicago, USA

A Reiki treatment creates a deep, profound state of relaxation, and music you listen to during the treatment can either support that goal or work against it. 

The mind loves to be busy, now more than ever –worrying about the election, mentally buying things online, figuring out a socially distanced Thanksgiving. The more anxious the mind is, the more cortisol – the stress hormone that is the body’s worst enemy – is released.

During a Reiki treatment, If you can quiet the mind, the easier it is for Reiki to do its job, and not have to tackle new, incoming tsunamis of cortisol.

So the best music for Reiki is gentle and soothing, inviting the mind to drift along with soft, comforting melodies. The volume should be just right – too loud and it will be irritating, too soft and the mind will strain to hear it and become too active. 

It’s important to play only instrumental music, since someone singing lyrics or chanting keeps the mind active. Classical music is cerebral and engages the mind rather than relax it.

During my 13 years as director of Equilibrium Energy + Education (before we became collateral damage of the pandemic and shut down), we discovered what music worked best for our clients during Reiki treatments. These are the artists and the CDs that helped mentally relax our clients the most, and that we always recommend:

Merlin’s Magic – Light Reiki Touch, Heart of Reiki, and Reiki Om 

Dean Evenson – Tao of Healing, Tao of Peace, Healing Suite, and Stillness

David & Steve Gordon – Gratitude

You can listen to all of them for free on Amazon.com, and discover the immediate, relaxing effect they have on you – supporting Reiki to do its very best job.”

Karen Caig Reiki Master Reiki Music

Karen Caig: "The best Reiki Music has a soothing, hypnotic quality"

Karen Caig is a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with more than 8 years of experience, Arkansas, USA

“The best Reiki Music has a soothing, hypnotic quality. Some of the best are Julie True’s Soaking Music series, which can be found on YouTube (Volumes I – IV). I also like Janalea Hoffman’s therapeutic music, which can be found at www.rhythmicmedicine.com

When using Reiki music, we should avoid music with lyrics, changing rhythms, or any sounds that may distract the clients or students from their own unique experience they are having.”

Alice Cesar Reiki MAster Reiki Music

Alice Cesar: "Music is the language of the soul. "

Alice Cesar is a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with more than 30 years of experience, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I have been working with Reiki for over 30 years, and to better understand what energy is and how to move it within the body I studied anatomy, neurology, body therapy, paranormal practices, among others related subjects. I really wanted to know how this magic technique works.
But let’s talk about music!
Music is the language of the soul. Through hearing, the ears are one of the physical structures that senses and capture the sound that surround us. This sound energy is “delivered” to the brain all the way up to our crown chakra. This chakra sends this energy to the pineal gland that then distributes to all levels of our physical, etheric, emotional, and all psychic and multidimensional bodies. That is the reason music for Reiki is so important. It should always be quiet, relaxing, with harmonic sounds so that it raises and broadens the level of consciousness.”

Violin to Reiki Music

My selection

Here is a playlist with some Reiki Music I like:


No music no life light sign - music for Reiki

Now it's your turn

Comment below what is your favorite Reiki Music! 😉

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