Are you a giver?

If you ever received my 21 days of Reiki sequence, you know that the third week is about manifesting/creating. As much as those words have been depreciated with excessive use, it is still an amazing and incomparable energy!

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That’s why it’s worth it to keep researching on the subject… finding our way out of the BS hoping to find some authentic content that vibrates this abundant frequency.

That’s why when the amazing Gail Keyes (aka Midlife Moneymaker) decided to do a #bookclub, I was down for it!

The first book she proposed was “The power of receiving” by Amanda Owen. I know… the title is a little tacky, but hear this out: the author explains receiving as a positive and deliberate state, just like giving. They’re opposite sides of the same coin, and one is not better than the other.

Both genuine giving and genuine receiving are acts of recognition of the other, acknowledgments of our sameness, of our humanity. When we give or receive generosity, we vibrate to the same chord—we are a melody of One. Together, giving and receiving form a connection. Energy moves out in giving and returns in receiving.

Excerpt From: Amanda Owen. "The Power of Receiving." Tweet

But here is my favorite part: giving and receiving are all conscious sacred loving states. She differentiates the giver from the doer and the receiver from the taker.


  • Wants to do it 
  • Feel replenished after giving, because reciprocity is inbuilt (at minimum, receives back the energy of gratitude)


  • “Have” to do it
  • Feel exhausted and drained, because nothing or little is coming back


  • Actively savor the gift and acknowledge the giver, remaining aware, noticing everything
  • Feel gratitude and welcomes the blessings


  • Sulk, pout, and manipulate. 
  • Use and exploit

The thing is, you’ll always attract your opposite: if you’re a doer, you’ll attract takers. If you’re a receiver, you’ll attract givers.

The sweet spot? Being a giver and a receiver.

If you want to know even more about that and the practices she suggests, send us a message and we’ll contact you with more tips and tricks! 😉

May all your wishes manifest!

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