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Don’t break the chain!

As a writer, I have to write everyday. And let me tell you: It’s challenging. Our brains are hardwired to save energy… so we have no problem in dropping challenging things, especially if they’re something new we’re trying to implement in our lives. ’till this day, I haven’t found anything more effective than Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity advice about not breaking …

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Is the social distancing getting under your skin?

There’s something we need to talk about: Human Touch.   I’m not much of a hug person. Still, this quarantine has been challenging with social distance.  Professor Francis McGlone from Liverpool John Moores University states that human touch is not a sentimental indulgence. It’s a biological necessity. Because the skin has a population of nerves that love to be stroked, …

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Etheric Crystal Attunement – Level 1

What is an Etheric Crystal Attunement? Crystal healing is a long-standing healing technique that takes advantage of their stable sacred geometry properties to help to heal unbalanced bodies. Etheric Crystal technique allows you to access Crystals’ benefits without having the physical ones in your hands (super relevant for COVID-overhelmed-post-office times)! To use etheric crystals, individuals …

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