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Chakra Balancing

Hey everybody! How y’all doing today?

From the many things I’m excited about, I’m here today to talk about one in particular that has become my mission, and that is: inspiring people to expand their self care routine and include ENERGY into it. 

I love this subject because I’ve experienced the benefits of paying attention to my energy and making a conscious effort to balance my energetic body. In my case: feeling happier, sleeping better and pain reduction.

Your Energetic Body

I know what you might be thinking: Wait. What? Energetic Body?

Yes, you have a physical body and an energetic body. Our energetic bodies are fields of energy that surround us. There are many exercises people usually suggest for you to sense your energy. Let’s try some of them. The first one is: rub your hand a little bit and now move them closer and apart from each other. Pay attention to it. Did you feel it? Okay.

Next exercise: try to draw something with your finger  in your hand without touching it. See if you feel anything. And last exercise… just close your eyes and pay attention to the space around your head. Sense the space around your head. Feel it. Okay… So that’s the energy!

And the energy is not just sitting there, it needs to flow. There are plenty of ways you can help your energy to flow: Meditation, Yoga, Acupuncture, Sound bath, Qi gong, Reiki – to name a few. All those techniques have plenty of benefits to it and you can choose any of them, but keep in mind that: just like brushing your teeth, taking care of your energy should be a daily habit.

And what about Chakras?

Well, your energy must flow freely not only inside of each body – physical and energetic – but also in between them. And that’s where the Chakras come into place. They are the connection between those two bodies. If your Chakras are not balanced, your flow is probably disturbed.

So… what does Chakra mean?

Chakra is a modern English word that means: “there is a good chance I live in California”.

Just kidding, it’s a Sanskrit word that means something like “wheels of light” and that is because they are described by many masters as swirling vortex points.

There are many many many different theories, explanations and techniques that approach Chakras.

All of them differ in the number of Chakras, names, attributes, and so on and so forth. Today we’ll work with a widely accepted western version of those energy centers, meaning: 7 chakras that are located along our spine. I won’t be explaining all the chakras in detail, as you can easily find information about them on the internet or you can also reach out to me later. Our focus today is to teach you how to take care of your Chakras on a daily basis.

My favorite technique is always meditation, but most of my clients report they find extremely hard to meditate. So I love to teach them this practice I’m about to show you. I love it because it’s super simple and easy. Ideal to incorporate in your routine.

Tell me about this technique!

Instead of teaching you some meditation that you won’t use, I will teach you a sequence of moves.

7 movements to be more precise.

This is a technique that I learned many years ago to clean and balance the Chakras.

It was said to me that this routine has its roots in Siberian Shamanism (that – between you and me – I didn’t know it was a thing until I learned the technique).

You always want to start with your knees relaxed, your hips engaged and your feet parallel, place your hands in prayer in front of your body and concentrate for the beginning of the practice, always breathing deeply. 

Check all the movements below:

At the end of this practice, return your hands to your chest in prayer and notice the quality of your energy.

I’ve been told to do this exercise in multiples of three for each chakra and that I could scan my body with my hand after doing it  to “check” if I felt like doing more repetitions in any of the energy centers.

So that’s it, folks. 

If you feel like taking care of your energy body and would like me to help you with it, please contact me! 

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