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Etheric Crystal Attunement – Level 1

What is an Etheric Crystal Attunement?

Crystal healing is a long-standing healing technique that takes advantage of their stable sacred geometry properties to help to heal unbalanced bodies.

Etheric Crystal technique allows you to access Crystals’ benefits without having the physical ones in your hands (super relevant for COVID-overhelmed-post-office times)!

To use etheric crystals, individuals must undergo an etheric crystal attunement, that is the main goal of this FREE COURSE.

This is a humanitarian work that is being developed by the Brazilian Mediums Carmem Castro and Lucia Falabella.

What can I expect?

What will you learn/receive:

  • The message Carmem received from her master / the story behind this training
  • What is an Etheric Crystal
  • How to vibrate water with Etheric Crystal
  • The three types of vibrated water that will help you
  • How to use etheric crystals to treat people that are distant from you
  • Attunement

Please note that it is impossible to guarantee any specific results regarding your goals.

Please be advised this technique is not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment and does not replace the services of health care professionals.

Why are you giving this free course?

As most of you may know, I’m originally from Brazil.

A few months ago, I received the invitation for a special Etheric Crystal Attunement that is being given by the Brazilian medium Carmem Castro. The class allows you to vibrate water with etheric crystals that provide healing properties.

As I mentioned, it’s a humanitarian work that Carmem is being called to do by her Master (in Brazil thousands of people have already received the training).

Because I’ve found the information extremely relevant and she’s the only one authorized to do the attunement, I convinced her to do a class for English language speakers and it was a success.

The first class happened in April 26th.

Because some people were unable to attend we decided to do another one!

The only caveat: Carmem only speaks Portuguese and I will be the one translating her instructions and attunement in real-time (from Portuguese to English).

I'm in! Where can I enroll?

The next training will happen in August 27th at 12 pm PST.

Enroll by including your information here:

About the instructor

Carmem Castro

CARMEM LUCIA CASTRO C. D´ALBUQUERQUE is a Brazilian medium specialized in Pranic Healing, Reiki, Quantum Apometry, Radiesthesia, Auriculotherapy, Crystal Therapy, Radionic Table, Aura Reading, Rose Meditation and other modalities.

She channeled a message from her guiding Crystal Master to publicize this technique as part of the healing efforts for the world.

p.s.: soon we’ll have the Second Level of this attunement! 😉 Everyone that enrolls and participates in the first one will be notified!

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