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Gut Health Q&A

The last one on the series

It’s already December, my fellow enlightened beings! Can you believe it?

A few months ago, I made a promise to dig deeper on the 3 things that were most popular amongst the 21 days of Reiki intentions:
  • Learning Reiki
  • Manifestation and Prosperity
  • Gut Health
As I published in the last weeks, we did a Reiki Lecture – really an amazing masterclass with Bernadette (and as we speak I’m doing a Reiki 1 class for a few students), a powerful Manifestation Activation and now…
Gut Health Talk and Q&A is finally on!

What's in the Q&A?

What is gut health and why it’s important?

How does our microbiome become imbalanced?

Does fiber help gut health? How?

Should everybody take probiotics?

Will cutting out gluten improve gut health?

What are the steps to achieve gut health? What should we be doing? 

About the guest

Dr. Bennett, ND Mental Health

Dr. Shannon Bennett Owner, Naturopathic Doctor at The Healthy Psyche



Watch now!

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