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Highs and Lows

I get so mad at Highs and Lows. Well, not at the highs, just the lows. I’ll tell you why: I’m addicted to self-help, so “lows” feel like treason from the Universe. AFTER ALL THE WORK I’VE DONE HOW CAN I HAVE A LOW? And by low I mean what actually happens TO us – for instance, not being able to land a job.

But I’ll give this much to my Spirituality: my lows are becoming shorter and less low as time goes by. Not because situations are getting better for real, but because I have the tools to deal with it. In other words, the other aspect of a “LOW” – What happens IN us when bad things happen – Am I able to stay cool or do I freak out?

As wisdom sinks in, I think about my life like a muffin. I’m not sure what mental process led me to that metaphor, but what came to my mind was that Seinfeld episode* where Elaine reveals that she only eats the top of the muffin. She doesn’t like the stumps and thinks that the top is “where the muffin breaks free of the pan and sort of does its own thing”. She and her former boss create a store that only sells the top of the muffin. But the caveat is: to successfully achieve a delicious top of the muffin, you must cook all the muffin and discard the bottom.

The store is a huge success, and the characters go to all sorts of problems to get rid of the muffin’s bottoms. They try to give them away to a homeless shelter, which rejects it, and the problem reaches unbelievable proportions (as all Seinfeld episodes do) when even garbage dumps refuse to discard them, questioning where the muffin tops are.

This is profound in a sense: there is no way to bake just the top of the muffin, and no way to get rid of the bottom. Nobody wants it. So if you wish for the top, you’ll get the bottom. If you want a life full of tops, you will have a life full of drops. In my former example, if I want to be accepted for a job position, that means interviewing and getting rejected. That’s just the way it is. Damn. Okay, Universe, no hard feelings after all.

*”The Muffin Tops” is an episode of the 8th season of the sitcom Seinfeld aired in 1997.

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