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I don’t use this expression anymore

When I took one of my first Reiki courses, the Master told us how important it was to pay attention to the words we say.

We had a list of expressions to avoid, and the one that stuck in my mind was “CAN’T.” Hmmm. How could I avoid using that?

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The good news is that we got a replacement list, so the suggestion was to replace “can’t” with “I choose not to.”

It was said that acknowledging that most of the time we’re choosing not to do something would be truer, and therefore more energetically balanced (after all, we must always be true to ourselves).

Besides, when you interpret it as your choice, you take away the heaviness of not being able to do something (as if you’re not able to accomplish something).

And you all know how things work: when we have something in our head, we always invite synchronicity in. So a few days later, after that class, I bumped into something similar in Marie Forleo’s book “Everything is Figureoutable”. She suggests that you replace “can’t” with “won’t”, so you’re no longer a victim of your circumstances.

Maybe one or two days later, a friend of mine told me something similar over the phone, so I thought I’d had enough signal from the Universe to incorporate this into my life. And let me tell you: this is one fantastic mindset change!

This week, when I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you, I remembered this immediately. We’re living such a unique time in the world, one in which we “can’t” do so many things, that is awesome to remember that lesson so we can evaluate what we REALLY can’t and what we chose not to, as a way of reclaiming our power over our lives.

From my perspective, no matter where your life stands right now, you can still benefit from this small change in our vocabulary. At least reflecting on when it makes sense to switch the expression.

So… are you in or you “can’t” use this tool?


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