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Is the social distancing getting under your skin?

There’s something we need to talk about: Human Touch.

I’m not much of a hug person. Still, this quarantine has been challenging with social distance. 

Professor Francis McGlone from Liverpool John Moores University states that human touch is not a sentimental indulgence. It’s a biological necessity. Because the skin has a population of nerves that love to be stroked, being touched is essential for healthy brain development.

In the case of skin stimulation, there is a subset of C-fibers called C-tactile afferents (CT) that stimulate serotonin and pleasure. The lack of stimulation may affect your mood.

But you know my style: I don’t want to talk about the problem, I want to help you solve it! So… what can you do?
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C-tactile responds to low force stimulation, so you can try: self-touch, using objects and different surfaces to stimulate (i.e.: makeup brushes, feathers, massagers with handles such as Scalp Massagers, Scratchers, etc.)

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Plus, an enormous amount of scientific evidence shows that, whenever two people are touching or in proximity, there’s energy exchange (electromagnetic energy produced by the heart), which helps us regulate our energy and heart rate.*

In that case, since you are not exchanging as much energy, you might find it harder to balance, having to seek other sources.

Here are my favorite tips: walking barefoot, grounding mattress, crystals, sacred geometry.

Assorted color crystal with pastel pink background

I hope this helps! 😉

Be Wise and Have Fun!

*McCraty, R., Atkinson, M., Tomasino, D. & Tiller, W.A. 1998, ‘The electricity of touch: Detection and measurement of cardiac energy exchange between people’, in Brain and Values: Is a Biological Science of Values Possible, ed. K.H. Pribram, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, NJ, pp. 359-379 (also available from the web site of the Institute for Heart Math, Boulder Creek, CA [www.heartmath.org/ResearchPapers/Touch/Touchsum.html]) 

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