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Manifestation & Prosperity Workshop

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I do the Free 21 days of Reiki Project with all my heart, but I know my followers want even more to accelerate their advancement in life.

That’s why I’m addressing the top 3 intentions I get in the 21 days of Reiki project (abundance, gut health, and learning more about Reiki) with exclusive FREE lives.

I want to be clear so that you can properly value this: the workshop will be free for you, but I’m paying specialized people to come and talk with you. All I ask in return is that you show up.

The sessions will happen on Saturdays to make sure that all the time zones can participate.

Our first session is this Saturday (October 17th)! Let’s tackle the Abundance theme once and for all!

We’ll have the Manifestation Coach Meghann Walters for one hour just for ourselves!

Beautiful Shine Dress Manifestation

Manifestation & Prosperity Workshop

Saturday – October 17th

10 AM PST (check your time zone)

  • Brief explanation about “manifestation rules” – 20 min
  • Manifestation Activation – 20 min
  • Q&A about Manifestation – 20 min

Enroll Now!

Just send us your name and e-mail below to get the zoom link (and you can send us a message if you feel like it!)

Post Update: Workshop Recording

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